Ever heard of this new band called The Descendents? They’re blowing up right now. Their new album Hypercaffium Spazzinate on Epitaph debuted higher on the album charts than some pop stars and they’re playing to massive crowds at big festivals all over the world.  Oh wait..  Our bad.  They’ve been around for about three and a half decades now.

The boys have released a new video for their song, “Shameless Halo,” a standout track on an album chock full of them.  This slab of new timeless gems has them doing exactly what they do best, and that is perfectly played hardcore pop punk anthems with engaging, thoughtful and even introspective lyrics. Let’s face it they’re not seniors at Mira Costa High School anymore, but somehow they make songs about having to forgo saturated fat instead of Der Weinerschnitzel and possibly needing to opt for some testosterone injections sound like their still coming from some disillusioned adolescent, which in our eyes is a good thing.  What will I be like when I get old?  Pretty much the same.  Ruling.

Check out their new clip: