There are a lot of ways to find out about books.  Sometimes you get one recommended to you by a friend or read a good review in the newspaper.  I spend a ridiculous, unhealthy amount of time in book stores so sometimes I’ll just see one I think I’d like based solely on the cover art, the title or reviews on the back cover, (My wife loves this and the stack of half read books on my nightstand)  and this was the case for me with David Eggers.  Years ago I saw his first book, “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius,” on a display table and instantly thought, whoever  had the balls to name his book something like that must have some interesting things to say.

After reading it, and all of his subsequent novels, and learning about the man himself and all he’s done for the literary community, from his McSweeny’s Quarterly Concern to 826 Valencia his writing and tutoring centers, well suffice to say my level of appreciation for his character, skills and talents, lies somewhere between ardent appreciation of his work and One Direction-esque screaming fan-girl. The dude rocks a page like a motherfucker and does it in a zen-like way that makes it seem like he just falls out bed and rad shit happens.  Never met the guy but I assume he can probably roll joints one handed while telling you he surfed backdoor that morning and got a 10 second barrel.

So I advise you to go out and read yourself some Eggers, all of it. His latest release, The Circle, will probably end up being considered his White Album, it’s that good.  It’s also extremely timely.  A recent college grad goes to work at an Apple-Facebook-Google type company and suddenly all our emotional and intellectual lives are at risk.  What?!? The circle is a page turner too.  My favorite novelist of all time is John Updike, but with his books you kind of sip them like a dry martini.  When Eggers is on fire like he is in The Circle, you’re pounding pages down like you’re in a bar in Tijuana drinking beers with tequila shots floating in them. It goes down quick.

Whatever way you find your next book, don’t disparage walking into a bookstore a seeing what catches your eye.  You may find something masterful.

Hit this link here to find Mr. Eggers talking about The Circle at his McSweeny’s literary Journal

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